Pacto – the Hygienic Waterless Toilet

Pacto is the ideal alternative to traditional water-flushing toilets. With a unique waste management function, it delivers higher standards of comfort and cleanliness.

The waste in encapsulated in a durable foil after each visit, so there is no direct contact with the waste matter. This remains the case even after emptying, as the entire bag of waste is disposed of whole.

Unlike most alternative toilets, such as composting toilets, there is no requirement for electricity, since no composting process actually takes place in the toilet itself. This also means that the smells and high maintenance associated with composting toilets are kept to a minimum.

A mechanical seal at the bottom of the toilet means you are never faced with any unpleasant sights or smells.

Quite simply, the Pacto is a dry toilet that offers the same standards of hygiene and user-friendliness as a water toilet.

This means that you can benefit from modern comforts in any environment. Also, Pacto offers a more environmentally friendly means of handling waste; instead of dirtying precious water, it gives you the chance to recycle the waste.