Applications for Pacto

The Pacto toilet offers high levels of hygiene and user-friendliness wherever it is used. For this reason it provides a popular solution to sanitation needs in remote locations such as mines, exploration camps and research stations. It is also easy to transport and assmebly, making it ideal for field operations.

Military Use

Pacto is used by several armed forces across the world. The most recent convert is Nordic Battle Group, an EU rapid response force. Other military customer include UN peacekeeping forces, the US Army, the Belgian army, the Swiss army, the Danish army and the Swedish army. Pacto toilet systems are also installed on UK military hovercrafts.


Pacto is widely used in camps of all types, from research sites and scientific expeditions to remote location film sets. The Greenland Reserach Centre, the Swedish Antarctic observation station and Alaskan camp specialist Taiga Ventures, who work with Warner Brothers, all choose Pacto toilets for their camps.

Aid Relief

Natural disasters strike suddenly and unexpectedly. In the aftermath, sanitation is only one of the issues to be solved. Pacto has been used by the Red Cross and local organisations to provide toilets for victims of earthquakes in Japan and Turkey, as well as in smaller-scale operations.


Pacto was originally developed for use in mines and this continues to be a popular application. Lundin Mining have chosen Pacto for their mines in Russia and the system is also used in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Australia, among others.

Field Hospitals

Sanitation where it really matters: with Pacto, contamination risks and disease spread can be minimised in medical facilities in the field.